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A Course in Weight Loss!

‎Emotions need to be FELT the way that food needs to be chewed; emotions need to be digested within your psyche the way food is digested in your stomach. The compulsive eater often gorges on food as a way to avoid feeling feelings, but then treats food the same way he or she treated the emotion — moving too quickly, failing to chew,… and failing to properly digest it.
Once your feelings are felt, they can be acknowledged, looked at, learned from and surrendered to Divine Mind. But instead of acknowledging and FEELING your feelings, you’ve learned to discount them before they can even rise up fully formed. You suppress what you’re too afraid to feel, having little or no trust in the wisdom of your emotions.
You don’t know your emotions HAVE any wisdom — how could you, if no one honored them when you were child? But they do: they’re part of the genius of the human psyche.”— From A COURSE IN WEIGHT LOSS by Marianne Williamson (to be published November 2010)

Finding Your Genius

You’ll never find light by analyzing the darkness.
– Wayne Dyer

You’ll never find your own genius by dwelling in what you believe to be inferior about yourself. You have to change your perception of yourself from a human ego-centered being to a magnigicent spiritual being who can accomplish and become anything you intend.

What You Resist Persists

I’m relistening to the internet class Oprah did with Eckhart Tolle about his book, A New Earth. During one of the sessions a quote I’ve heard & liked before came up: “What you fight you strengthen and what you resist persists”.

I’m sure we’re all guilty of fighting things in our lives. Things that are problematic or worse, such as an addiction, or even a political issue about which we feel strongly. I’m not saying we should not tackle those issues – just that the energy we put towards them makes a huge difference.

I’m not well versed in physics, but I do know that the physical world we all live in exists in polarities. Every physical form, no matter how thin has a front and a back. There has to be a “down” before we can conceive of “up”. Before we can even imagine appreciating good health, we have to have had some experience with poor health or pain. You get the picture. So when we strengthen one pole, the other is also strengthened.

Look at the “war on drugs”. Since that war was declared, access to, sales and the use of drugs has only increased. Or bring it closer to home. Remember the last argument you had with a loved one. The minute one of you became defensive about something the other said or did, that person probably became even stronger and louder. Your defensiveness just strengthened their response.

I’m not saying we just avoid what upsets us. That just builds up and makes us more upset and eventually builds into something very hard and dark, and hurts us the most.

So what do we do instead? We need to make peace with it – whatever “it” is. That doesn’t mean we like it, but we accept that it exists. Then when we chose the action we’re going to take, it will come from a place of love and consciousness, rather than from a negative energy that will only strengthen the thing we want to irradicate.

That’s what we do in the 12 Step program when we talk about “surrender”. As the quote I posted yesterday says, only when I accept what is, can I actually change it.

Try it. It’s a much easier path to change.