Monthly Archives: November 2010

Morning After

Good morning. Hoping you all had a great Thanksgiving day yesterday, regardless of how you spent it. I was Mrs. Clause most of the day, since my husband was Santa at the Bass Pro Shop in Independence, MO. While it may not have been spent with family, we enjoyed seeing the joy (& sometimes fear) on the faces of the children who came to have their pictures taken with Santa & to give him their lists of wishes.

Among all the toys & video games, there are occasionally some requests that tug on your heartstrings, as well. This year a child asked for a new motor for their family car. A couple of years ago, a little boy wanted a job for his daddy.

These are reminders to all of us that, while we’re running around looking for the best deals and frantically trying to decide what we should buy for someone, there are those who would just be thrilled with the basics that we all enjoy, but take for granted.

I hope to keep the spirit of Thanksgiving and Christmas alive in my heart, so I can live from a place of abundance and share it with others on a daily basis. I challenge you to do the same.


Happy Thanksgiving!

Just wanted to wish each of you a peaceful and happy holiday.

My previous post is about thiings I’ve learned from a relationship. Another thing I’ve learned in my old age is to not ascribe too much meaning to holidays. That doesn’t mean I don’t celebrate, or that there isn’t meaning for me there, but rather that it’s just another day – and if I need to honor or celebrate the meaning behind the label, I can do that regardless of the day, or in another way than is traditional.

My wish for you is that you find peace and joy in whatever you do this week – if nothing else, honor your “beingness”. You’re here for a reason, whether you know what that is yet or not. The world would not be the same without you in it!


What I’ve Learned

Like many of you, there is someone in my life that challenges me in just about every way possible. That person is someone I love very much. I’ve spent lots of energy trying to understand, and at times, to realign my side of the relationship so that it feels better to me.

The realization I’ve finally come to is that this person has been and continues to be my greatest teacher. I now believe that we are joined together in a spiritual path through which both of us are meant to learn.

Here are some of the things I’ve learned (and often am even able to practice) so far:

-To enjoy the moment. Yesterday may have sucked and so may tomorrow, so when it’s good, I relish in it. Even if today is the one that sucks, I’m learning to appreciate the lesson and the fact that if nothing else, it will propel me upward eventually.
-To love unconditionally, with no strings attached, is the only true love. Anything other form is either obsession or some other form of self indulgence.
-To allow the other to live their life in their way, even though it feels very wrong or unsafe to me
-To want the peace that I want for myself even more for the other person
-To send that person love every day (at LEAST once a day) – and those days when I’m not feeling the love to ask God to make me an instrument of the loving energy that comes from the Universe.
-I’ve learned and practiced a meditation where you breathe in the pain of another and breathe out the healing energy of Love.
-To honor the other’s perspective on life and understand that we each see our environment through the lense of our own experiences in life. Based on that person’s belief system, I can respect their choices.
-I can’t hurt enough for the other person to make them better. All that does is double the amount of hurt -It doesn’t help the other, and it certainly doesn’t help me.

I’m not saying I can practice all of this all the time. Life isn’t all or nothing, and sometimes, even though we learn, it takes several reminders before it becomes a part of us. But each time I get pulled back down, a new light eventually comes on and I’m that much further ahead than I was before.