Emotional Register

We’ve known for some time that the neurons that “hold” our memories & emotions are in every part of our body. That’s why somatic therapies have become more widely used. They help us actually physically work through our issues. This short blog is more evidence of that:

Did you know that your heart has neurons just like your brain? In fact, the HEART is the first thing to register stress or emotion of any kind. Then it sends a signal to the brain. And the brain makes up a story to explain the feeling in your heart. What that means it that it’s better to trust your heart than the story your mind tells you. Or better yet, understand that your mind needs to take its cue for what to think from your HEART! The heart speaks to us with emotions. And all emotions signal genuine needs for love, touch, validation, grief, etc. Check out www.cnvc.org to decode the language of your emotions and your heart!

-Dr. Christiane Northrup