Failure is an editorial judgment imposed by others – (usually those who came before us, whose values we often assume without much consideration). 

Actually, I don’t believe much in failure.  Every effort produces a result.  It may not be the result we wanted – or thought we “should” get, but it is a result. 

Thomas Edison failed many times before he successfully invented the light bulb. Some say that it was 10,000, while others say it was 1,000. Another source says he tried 3,000 times. So even if it was “just” 1,000 times that’s a lot of attempts. When a reporter asked him about his many failures, Edison simply said, ‘It just meant that I was that many times closer to success.’

So if we don’t get the outcome we thought we would accomplish, then it’s an opportunity to learn a different way to accomplish the goal.  And maybe, eventually, we determine that original goal isn’t really what’s best for us in the long run.  If we had accomplished it the first time, we might never have learned that.