A Belated Valentine Post

I’m a little late here – wasn’t sure I’d even post a blog this week, since we have been in Chicago for our son’s wedding – on Valentines Day.  So I’m a little overwhelmed trying to catch up & get ready for the week ahead – and still on a love high from the most beautiful wedding I’ve ever attended.  My son and his new wife are two people who have taught me much about love, respect and honor for another human being.  As I have watched their relationship and love evolve, I’ve been reminded many times of areas in my own relationship (of over 45 years with my husband), where I’ve let things slip or gotten lax about showing him how much I love and appreciate him.

Recently I’ve had a little health scare, and have been reminded all too well how short life can be.  I am vowing here and now to appreciate every moment of my life – the good, the bad and the ugly.  I know ALL of it holds important lessons for me and my loved ones.

Life doesn’t promise us anything, except a chance. We have a chance to live any way we like. No matter how we choose to live, we’ll have pain and we’ll have joy. And we can learn from both.

We CAN choose to have life’s biggest wonder – love. We share it in a smile, a touch, a phone call, or a note. We share it with our friends, our partners, our family. Life didn’t promise to be wonderful, but it sure is full of little wonders! And we only have to open up and see them, feel them, and let them happen.

There is no such thing as an ordinary moment.  They are each extraordinary and wonderful in their own way!

A belated Happy Valentines Day to everyone who visits this blog!