Accepting Change

Change is difficult for many people. Humans are creatures of habit and familiarity – it feels safer. And at my age, you’d think I’d be ready to coast out, doing the same thing in the same place. But not only have I never been afraid of change, I have always seen it as an exciting challenge. I seem to need to reinvent myself from time to time. As I grow & evolve, I become more energized, and my interests seem to take on a life of their own.  As I see it, that can only benefit my clients.

Is there something you’ve been wanting to do – or feel like you need to change in your life? Think about it.  It’s not good to make big changes without some thought.  A decision is a mixture of whole ingredients that must be simmered together.  Maybe you can make a couple of small changes and sit with those for a while – let them evolve into new ideas and energy. Timing is important.  If you go inside, and don’t rush, you’ll know when the time is right for you.

Sometimes, it hurts more to stay the way we’ve always been than it would to change. Eventually we have to face our fears and move ahead. Life isn’t supposed to be something we go through  on autopilot. We’re supposed to ride it like a roller coaster (with our hands in the air) and experience it all. We’re here for the lessons, but we can’t evolve if we don’t step into them.

To exist is to change. To change is to mature. To mature is to go on creating oneself endlessly.