Obsession is a way of organizing our lives so that we never have to deal with the hard part. -Geneen Roth

My aim is not to judge our obsessions, but to become conscious enough to be able to witness them with awareness, curiosity and self-compassion so the old beliefs upon which the obsession is based can eventually become obvious. Only when we recognize irrational beliefs for what they are, can we begin to change them.

Many of us with strong obsessive and compulsive behaviors – in my practice it’s usually those who have addictions and emotional eating issues – tend to think they can’t get through the hard part.

But how we get through it is to connect with it. To scream, sob, throw tantrums – then feel it in our bodies and sit with it. We need to feel it – especially in our bodies.

The biggest roadblock for many of my clients is helping them get in touch with what is going on in their bodies. If we can connect with that, we can move through many of our emotional problems. The problem is that most of us are scared to death of our emotions. Maybe we think if we let ourselves feel sad or cry we’ll never quit. Or maybe we were told when we were younger that to show emotions is weak. The best way to not show them is to not feel them, so when something emotional comes up we avoid it like the plague!

I received that message as a kid – and shut off my emotions for years. I can promise you, it’s no way to live. Now, even though is often sucks to feel things, simultaneously I feel gratitude for the ability to connect with it, because I know that will get me past it and I’ll eventually be able to see the growth I’ve made. That is a GREAT way to live!