Looking Back – and Forward

Today, as I do each year at this time, I made time to look back on the past year with love, gratitude and forgiveness.  For me, this is so important, so I can move on – evolving and growing in the year ahead. A huge part of that is always looking at the lessons I’ve learned from my clients, friends and family.

As I look back with love, I am not only grateful for the presence of each of you in my life, but for what you (along with the situations in which I have put myself) have taught me.  I am struck with immense gratitude for the work I do.  How fortunate I am to be in a position to connect with others who are courageous enough to want to face their challenges head on!  It gives me the opportunity to be an intimate part of that journey, to see their progress and celebrate their successes and to sit with them in their pain.  I am always deeply honored that these people chose me to be there with them, and I’m inspired by their willingness and ability to change.  It gives me joy to be able to do what little I can to help, and it also affords a perspective that elicits so many insights into my own issues and relationships.

I send love and gratitude to each of you who have been my clients this year.

As I look back with gratitude, I also examine the challenges I faced this past year.  I continued to manage a life-changing diagnosis from the prior year that not only knocked me off my feet for a while, but also rocked my self-concept as the physically and emotionally healthy person I had always considered myself to be. While I still get “flare-ups” occasionally, they are extremely minor, and I am so grateful for the medical and spiritual team I have gathered to coach me through this personal healing.

Another challenge recently, has been some constant physical pain – something that has never been an issue for me.  I understand that, just like the emotional upheavals, this is part of my life path, and there is a gem of wisdom somewhere that I need to experience.

I am more conscious and .

Forgiving others is a gift to ourselves.  The loss I mentioned above involved others who obviously see the world from a totally different perspective than ours.  While I have always sent love to those who are my biggest source of pain, this situation has once again penetrated a new level of understanding that I want to approach each decision I make from a place of love, and compassion.  Forgiveness is a process, and I am navigating that road.  At times, I think I’ve reached my destination, only to slip back a step or two when something else hits.  But a part of this journey is also forgiving myself for not measuring up to my own expectation.  If I do what I can in this moment, I will be propelled forward and there will be love and light at the end of the tunnel.

Love is the answer to all our problems.  So I send loving thoughts to each of you, and to those who won’t be reading this, but have been a part of my life in any capacity this year.  There is no such thing as a justified resentment.  I release those I’ve held, and look forward to spreading light in the new year.

I wish each of you love, gratitude, forgiveness – and peace.