Sending Love for Your Holiday

This morning, I’m thinking back over all the hurtful and negative stories that have touched each of us this year, and I can get sick to my stomach if I stay in my initial reaction. There have been incidents involving racism and White Nationalists; a huge flow of men in power being outed for exerting that power over women, other men and children who are vulnerable because of their lack of power; ongoing investigations into our government and those at the top trying to uproot everything our constitution stands for; assaults on our earth, our internet, educational and healthcare systems, attacks on regulations that have kept us healthier and on science, itself.  All of this has created a culture of division between those of us who have historically stood together as the backbone of of our society.

I know, as a white, middle class female, I have no real concept of what it must feel like to be in  the shoes of black, Hispanic or LGBTQ men or women, a Muslim who is harassed just because (s)he is different from the majority, or immigrants who may be facing leaving the only home they’ve ever known.  But I have had the opportunity, thanks to many clients who have courageously opened their lives to me and allowed me to see the world through their eyes for just a few moments at a time.  And I’m in awe of the bravery so many people in this country exhibit because they are determined not to lose their own personal power.

I don’t know what the answers are to all these issues; but what I do know is that violence and hatred is not the answer to any of it. So I am re-committing to be open-minded about each situation as it arises and to those who come from different backgrounds and religions, rather than to lump them all together and make assumptions. I commit to continuing to learn more about other walks of life in order to understand a little better

I know not all of you may celebrate Christmas. I hope your holidays are full of peace; and I send you love and light, regardless of what you believe and how you celebrate. We are all so much more alike than we are different.

“I have decided to stick to love…Hate is too great a burden to bear.”             

                                         -Martin Luther King