Honor and Memorial Day

Honor is not a word that we hear much these days.  With all that is going on in the news, most of the stories we hear produce feelings that are opposite of honor – disgrace, dishonor, disrespect, embarrassment, humiliation. . .

But because it is Memorial Day Weekend, I want to switch my attention to those who I believe define the word *honor*. I would hope others who are in a position to represent us might take notice and learn from these people.

Memorial Day was originally designated as a day of remembrance for those who have died in service for the United States. Regardless of what we believe about war and politics, for most of us, it’s still a reminder for us to recognize and appreciate those who have lost their lives in the armed forces, as well as to thank those still living who are or have served in some capacity. All of them, including their family members, have sacrificed so that the rest of us can enjoy the lifestyle to which we are accustomed. So I take this opportunity to say THANK YOU to all who have given their energy and lives to protect us.

They fought, not because they loved war, but to preserve the culture that represents the values we stand for.  They fought and continue to fight to protect those beliefs each of us hold.  They truly define the word service – honorable, selfless and possessing a quiet strength that has no need to be boastful. That’s real power.

This is the legacy left by those who have gone on and maintained by those still working to protect these values: the respect for human dignity.

Let each of us endeavor to grow and maintain our own honor and personal power in the same way, regardless of what we witness elsewhere.  Let us not fight against anything, but FOR the integrity and honor of each person who lives on this earth; not because others determine they deserve it, but because it is their right.