Reality is Where We Focus

I’ve always believed part of my role is to model how a healthy person manages daily life. None of us are perfect. We all have challenges. It’s how we face those that determines whether those challenges become problems or lessons learned.

So like everyone else, I get into ruts from time to time. When I tend to allow myself to get over-committed, I tell myself (and everyone else who asks me how I do it all) that all those responsibilities are things I’m passionate about, so that makes it easier to manage.

However, sometimes those commitments have taken over my life. When that happens, I no longer feel like I’m living my life; but that It *lives me*– and not very well at that! I seldom have the time I have always relied on for my daily program of working out physically, feeding my soul with uplifting audiobooks or podcasts and meditation. I sleep less, work continuously and complain about it the whole time. I become easily agitated and don’t even like myself much.

The most recent time I got caught up in all this, I kept saying “Next week I’ll get back to my routine.” But next week never came. So I finally just got tired of feeling emotionally and physically exhausted and just decided I was going to make that happen. I freed up one morning, made myself stop and meditate and was beginning to feel a little like someone I used to know. Then that weekend, because I had volunteered to help with a retreat, I was basically just thrown back into the concepts that energize my soul. The presentations brought me back to what I’ve always known.

Our reality is limited only by where we put our focus. I know that we are each spiritual beings who have come to this life to experience it fully – good, bad and everything in between. We signed up for those hard times that we pray will not happen. Those are the lessons that help us reach our next level of development.

We are here to be human beings, but we were spiritual beings first. I realize that during those times when I get more wrapped up in the human side of myself, I am keeping my focus on the daily “To Do” list, and on attempting to control everything and everyone around me. If we immerse ourselves in those things, we’ll live in a scarcity mindset. Life will always be a search for more.

But if we take a few moments throughout the day to remind ourselves that who we really are reaches far beyond the satisfaction we get from accomplishing human tasks, we’ll move into an abundance mindset, where we can be grateful for even those overwhelmed feelings – because they exist to remind us of what we need to do to become more of who we really are at our core. Once we acknowledge and allow ourselves to feel the gratitude for just being alive, and for all the abundance we have in our lives, we can know real joy. I won’t promise we’ll be happy all the time. We’re not supposed to be. I think life is really supposed to be like a wild ride on a roller coaster – sitting in the front with our hands in the air – not even holding on. Only when we have faced and conquered fear can we truly appreciate how wonderful and exciting life can be.

We must be willing to let go of the life we have planned so as to live the life that is waiting for us.
EM Forster