It’s Possible!

The conversations I had with several clients this past week was about how we make changes in our lives. It’s my belief (Gospel According to Patti) 🙂 that sustained change can only take place when we change the way we perceive ourselves. When I was running substance abuse programs, I could always tell when a resistent client was going to be successful in the program – they began to change their appearance – cut their hair, started wearing business clothes or bought new clothes – and started to carry themselves with a little more confidence.

But another step to change is to be able to imagine what we want – and to begin to believe that it can happen.

My “bud”, Wayne Dyer (I can call him that since I met him in October and we talked for a whole 5 or 6 minutes – conversation ending with a hug) often shares this part of a quote by Thomas Troward:

“The law of floatation was not discovered by contemplating the sinking of things . . .”

The point he’s making is that things don’t change if we continually tell ourselves it can’t happen – or “I could never do that”. If you want to be able to have enough money to pay your bills, for instance, you first have to imagine that it’s possible! If you continually tell yourself, “I’ve never had enough money” (or “I can’t get a job that pays enough”) so I have no reason to believe that I ever will,” then you probably won’t.

I’ve personally had experiences where I was sure there was no way I’d be able to scrape up enough money to do something I really wanted, but I’ve reminded myself that when I need it, the money always shows up. Not always as much as I need, but enough to get me through. There have even been a couple of times when I could see how everything had fallen into place in a way I could never have imagined – in fact, it was almost miraculous how well things had worked. (In the program, we call that “a God thing”)

So, when I catch myself doubting if something I want to accomplish will ever happen, I just say 2 words: “It’s possible!” That puts me on the path of looking back at all the things I have already achieved in my life and a feeling of gratitude for those accomplishments. Then I begin to visualize what I want to do, which eventually leads me to the belief that I can! That’s a much better feeling place than “I can’t” – and I want to feel good, so I stay there.