Finding the Giving in the Holidays

I have posted this blog a couple of times at Thanksgiving time.  When I re-read it, I got the same teary-eyed, choked up feeling of love and connection that I describe in the blog below. So even though Thanksgiving has passed, and regardless of what you celebrate this time of year, at least part of the meaning for most of us is centered around giving to others. I hope you enjoy reading my memory of an exciting and wonderful day in my life.


As Thanksgiving approaches, most of us focus on the gratitude we feel for all that we have.  But today, my 4 year old granddaughter reminded me of a different aspect of the holiday.

Her Papa is a professional Santa, so this is a busy time of year for him.  Today (the Saturday prior to Thanksgiving), he had 2 gigs, so it was just us girls playing around the house.  After lunch, we bundled up and drove to the local Price Chopper to pick up a couple of items.  Jess always jumps into the carts that look like a truck and pretends to drive me around the store.  She has never been very shy, so she usually yells, “Beep, Beep!  Get outta the way!” at everyone we meet.

Today was no different.  She jumped into the “truck” and we began our trip into the store.  The flower shop is the first thing you see, and all the cut flower bouquets are at eye level for her, so of course, she wanted some flowers. Finances have been pretty tight recently, so it felt a little frivolous at first, but I agreed to buy her a bouquet, on the condition she share.

Thus began our quest to give away flowers.  She chose one, very small bud that she wanted to keep for herself, and one by one, she gave flowers to other shoppers.  I can’t describe the elation I felt as I watched.  Occasionally someone would decline and tell her to keep the flower, but she had none of that!  She would follow them, tug on their coat and say, “No!  These are for you!”  As they accepted, she said, “Happy Thanksgiving!”

A couple of shoppers who weren’t fortunate enough to receive the flowers came up and told me what a wonderful lesson I was teaching her.  I nodded – I know it’s sappy, but I was getting choked up – because, in reality, SHE was showing ME how to give from the heart.

When we had given the last flower away, we got in line, paid for our items, and as we left, Jess turned around to the cashier and said, “Happy Thanksgiving!!”

Most of us have so much in our lives.  We get hung up on thinking about all the things we don’t have or believing we need more.  Changing our energy to one of abundance and giving helps us remember to be grateful for all that we do have!  And I have it on good authority, that when we can really do that, we receive even more.

As for the shopping trips, I have a feeling I’ve started something.  But that’s OK!  I can’t think of a better way to brighten a trip to the grocery store!  Jessica and I challenge each of you to find the “giving” in Thanksgiving this year.

And have a Happy Happy Holiday Season, regardless of what you celebrate!