Happiness? It’s in the Tip of Your Tail

I believe this is an old Hindu story. I’ve heard variations of it, but this is the way I first heard it & I love what it says.

A small kitten had just returned from cat philosophy school. He was running around in circles, trying to catch his tail. A seasoned old alley cat, asked the kitten what he was doing.

“I have learned that happiness is in the tip of your tail, and I am trying to catch mine, so that I will always be happy.”

The old Tom replied: “You have learned well. I never received a fancy education, but I too have heard that happiness is in the tip of my tail. What I have also discovered is that if you forget about trying to catch it, it will follow you wherever you go.”

While we all try to avoid feeling “bad,” joy is the most vulnerable emotion we feel here on earth because it never lasts. Something always happens to knock us down. But if we live in the moment, it will come around again – and it will be even sweeter BECAUSE we have experienced the pain.

So if we quit focusing and working so hard to find what we think we want (ie, happiness, success, etc), and just go about doing what we are led to do because it’s the right thing for us and for the universe, then what we have been looking for will naturally come – and it will probably be even better than anything we might try to force.