Welcome to my website! Here’s some background on who I am and how I work. If you still have questions, please feel free to contact me.

My approach to therapy is holistic — a perspective that the physical,  emotional, social and spiritual realms of our lives interconnect. This  leads me to focus on the person, rather than on a specific diagnosis. I believe that becoming healthy is an active process, and that we must each be personally responsible for maintaining and improving our own health, by finding what works for us and then being consistent in our healthy behaviors, thoughts and attitudes.

I have worked in mental health and addiction agencies as a counselor and an administrator, and have been in private practice since 2002. In the state of Missouri, I am a Licensed Professional Counselor and a Certified Reciprocal Advanced Alcohol Drug Counselor. In the state of Kansas, I am a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor. In addition, I am an EMDRIA Certified Therapist and the first therapist in Missouri to offer Repair and Reattachment Grief Therapy.

My therapy style is an eclectic blend, including supportive, cognitive-behavioral and existential therapy. I also utilize the method of Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing – an accelerated processing of trauma and negative experiences. My specialties include helping adults through life transitions (such as midlife issues,  unresolved grief and loss, and spiritual  exploration). Repair and Reattachment Grief Therapy involves one extended session several hours in length.  The client is guided through a process where he/she is able to “reorient their beliefs, images, feelings of guilt and anger, trauma, and perspectives on the loved one’s death so they are replaced by reassurance, joy, renewed feelings of love and connection, and peace.” (from GUIDED AFTERLIFE CONNECTIONS by Rochelle Wright).  All of this can happen in this one session.  Clients report that the relief they found is still in place as long as two years after their session.

I earned my Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology from McPherson College in 1991, and a Master of Science in Community Counseling from Emporia State University in 1993.

Memberships include American Mental Health Counselor’s Assoc, Missouri Mental Health Counselor’s Assoc, and EMDR International Association. I sat on the original local Advisory Board of The Like Me Lighthouse, an LGBT community center opening in Kansas City in early 2012, and I’m a member of The LGBT-Affirmative Therapists Guild of Greater Kansas City.